Beyond Baby Mamas is a brand new support and advocacy group for single mothers of color. Founded by writer, professor and single mother Stacia L. Brown in September 2012, Beyond Baby Mamas seeks to provide a safe space for unmarried minority mothers to share their stories, to address their concerns, and to discuss social, political, economic and emotional issues particular to their experience.

Through new media engagement, we aim to amplify the voices of single mothers of color in gender and class-based discourse; to provide emotional and social support to single mothers of color; and to foster healthy, open communication between single mothers and fathers of color.

These goals will be achieved through multiple means. The essays here, written by diverse contributors, including single mothers and fathers and those who were raised by them, will serve to broaden perspectives on different family types and parenting styles. Our online webcast, Conversations with Single Mothers of Color, will assemble a new panel of invited guests to weigh in on the interests, issues, and identities of minority single parents. Our social media presence will foster a sense of connected community between mothers from various backgrounds and experiences. And, eventually, our local events will provide mothers of color the opportunity to meet in person and to expand their parental support systems.

We are a solution-oriented resource for an under-served, highly stigmatized population.

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  1. Hip, hip and freakin hooray! This is refreshing. I’m a black man who raised a boy into a man with my baby-momma whom I love, respect and support to this day. This is one more brick ‘removed’ from the wall of stigma, stereotype and new-age racism around children, families, marriage, and relationships. Human beings come into relationships and parenthood in so many ways, all needing as much support, respect and encouragement as possible.

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