With a day to spare, The Kentucky Fillies Elite Track Team has exceeded its fundraising goal.
With a day to spare, The Kentucky Fillies Elite Track Team has exceeded its fundraising goal. Updated to add: the total raised listed above has since increased!

As an organization, we couldn’t be happier for single moms Nicole Aghaaliandastjerdi and Coach T., and the entire Kentucky Fillies Elite Track Team. (For back story, visit Nicole’s previous posts here and here.)

We’ve devoted the last week to relentlessly advocating for them via social media and wherever else we could online and off. And through the contributions of friends, family, strangers, and one intrepid and invested NewsOne reporter, Terrell Star, who tracked down Coach T., Nicole, a few of the girls, and their community for interviews, these young athletes will be competing at the highest level possible for their age group!!!

It’s been a whirlwind week and an emotional rollercoaster, but what it’s all proved is that many, many people believe that all children deserve to pursue their dreams, no matter their family’s financial limitations. And everyone appreciates mothers who would do anything in the world to see, not just their children, but others’ excel. Throughout the past seven days, so many of you expressed your commitment to standing with the girls and RT-ing on their behalf. You also reflected on your own childhoods, sharing your own families’ challenges to afford your extracurricular pursuits and fondly recalling the ways in which your parents miraculously came through for you when the budget looked pretty bleak.

It was truly incredible to witness. Most importantly, because of what we were able to build here this week, the girls won’t need to worry about money at all this weekend. They can continue to focus on what’s most important, running like little gale force winds.

Keep on dreaming and encouraging one another. It pays off. And stayed tuned for a post-event update from Nicole, Coach T. and the Fillies — who already want everyone to know that, whether they RT the fundraising link, cheered them forward with moral support, left a kind note somewhere online, and/or gave of themselves, their time, and their resources, that they’re deeply, exceedingly grateful.

UPDATED TO ADD: People are still giving! And you can, too.

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