We’re looking for a few good women (and men)! Beyond Baby Mamas is expanding its blog content and would love to publish your writing about your experience as a single parent or being raised in a single-parent household.

We give publication preference to contributors who meet any of the following criteria:

  • ┬ásingle and unpartnered parents of color
  • single and co-habitating or co-parenting parents of color
  • teen or adult children raised by single parents of color
  • single parents by choice

At this time, we are only interested in nonfiction submissions. We accept personal essays, memoir excerpts, and other creative nonfiction. Currently, we will not be publishing fiction or poetry. To be considered for publication, your submission must be 1,200 words or fewer.

As an organization, Beyond Baby Mamas is highly interested in reshaping the conversation around minority single moms and their children. We give preference to pitches and writings about personal or professional experiences that seek to serve that purpose.

If you’d like to be published at BeyondBabyMamas.com, email a pitch to beyondbabymamas@gmail.com or use our handy online submission form.

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